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  • WelcomeWelcome to Chabad HGS Feel free to browse the events and programming that we have coming up. Or reach out to us if there is anything else you may need. At Chabad, every Jew is Family Contact us
  • Organ Donation in Jewish LawThe Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Act has just come into effect, moving England to an 'opt out' system, but what does this mean for the Jewish Community?The Myths and the Facts of Organ Donation in Jewish Law.with Rabbi Yehuda Pink, MSc
  • Journey of the SoulAn exploration of Life, Death & What Lies Beyond Learn how to remain focused on the parts of life that really matter; becoming more in touch with yourself, your soul, and spiritual dimension. Discover a newfound relationship with loved ones who are no longer here with us in body. Register for this Course
  • Judaism at HomeWhen the only place Judaism can thrive is at home. A five-part series Join a live Session
  • Positvity BiasStories to Reframe Our Experience of These Turbulent Times. WEEKLY SESSION (LIVE) Register to Join a live session
Chabad Lubavitch prides itself on its unique approach, striving towards: Providing a welcoming open door to Jewish people of all walks of life, no matter their background or affiliation. Making Judaism accessible and relevant to every Jew by empowering them to personally take ownership of their Judaism in a meaningful way, never underestimating the value of a single deed. Caring for and supporting the welfare of Jewish people and communities with devotion and affection - no matter the time, place or need. Educating a generation of dedicated and skilled leaders who live by the words "Love your fellow as yourself".
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Torah has no concept of prison as a punishment. Why? Because prison is a futile place. A place where you are told, “You will continue to age, but you must not take charge of your life.” “You must be here, but you must not change what this place is.” “You will live, but you must not give life.” “You will keep your head down. While you are here, you are somewhat less than a human being.” But you are a living human being, the divine image in this world. You are here to...
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